Peanut and her Binkie

     Peanut’s favorite binkie is her own tail!  It’s always handy, comfortably worn, and perfect to snuggle with before sleeping.  And Peanut sleeps a lot … seemingly all the time.   But if the refrigerator door opens, or someone makes an interesting, food-related noise, she’s instantly there.   She’s the  only cat not bothered by the camera.   The others will turn away from the lens, Peanut just stares it down.  We also call her  Bumpy because she’s always ramming her little round head into one’s legs to show her affection.



Right before Sleep
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2 thoughts on “Peanut and her Binkie

  1. your cat pictures make me happy! (I have a lovely cat too :) ) Also thank you for your generosity! I love your patterns <3

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