Prayer seeks … ~ a free Prayer Sampler

Pic ~ Prayer seeks ... A Prayer Sampler for your personal stitching only … not to be put to any commercial use.

This pattern was inspired by a line in a book I’m reading, Hidden Mountain, Secret Garden: A  Theological Contemplation on Prayer.  I’ve always found it somewhat difficult to pray consistently.  I often read about it, thinking to discover a path to a deeper prayer life.  But most of the time needlework serves as the path to my hidden mountain, quieting and separating me from the world.  Setting my stitches is somewhat like fingering the beads of a Rosary, a physical meditation leading to peaceful contemplation and a sense of spiritual connection.



I love colors against a black background (must have an Amish gene in the mix!) and inadvertantly left the black background in the pattern directions when I first posted.  Here’s what Prayer Seeks … looks like on  very dark fields … one black and one navy blue, and also on a pastel ground.

Pic ~ Prayer Seeks ~ on navy


PIC ~ Prayer ~ black no grid Prayer Seeks ... with pastel background














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10 thoughts on “Prayer seeks … ~ a free Prayer Sampler

  1. This is soooooo beautiful – thanks for sharing!

  2. Remy,
    I enjoy looking through your blog. I find it beautiful, organized, inspiring…
    I have a question about this pattern, “Prayer seeks…” In the instructions it says Linen 14, black. Is it stitched on black linen? Do you have an image or a way for me to visualize the piece on black?
    Thank you.

    • Hi!,
      Yes, I”ll post a few more pics to give you an idea of how different it can look on other backgrounds.

      • Thanks for posting the other background colors to the piece. I appreciate your response. This site is wonderful. I could spend all my days wandering through the links, looking at stitchwork, reading about faith, learning about different cultures and people. Thank you again for hosting an inviting gathering place.

  3. Remy, this is just beautiful! I love it.

  4. lol I was in the same….ummm box, I couldn’t find the files. So glad you answered in the message box. It is lovely.

  5. I can’t find the file for downloading in your Files list. :(

    • Hi,
      Sorry you’re having trouble. If you look to the right hand side of the blog page, you’ll see three Shared Files boxes. “Prayer seeks … ” is in the Shared Files III box. The Shared Files boxes are pretty much in chronological order, with the very newest ones in Shared Files III.
      Happy Stitching!

  6. Very pretty – thanks!

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