How to find the right color chart for one of the designs in the post below

After wrestling with trying to add the titles for the pictures of my charts … after I posted them, I decided to do a second post instead. So here goes:

The pattern names for the pictures read from left to right:

All my scattering moments … I,  All my scattering moments … II,  All my scattering moments … III,

A reader lives a thousand … IA reader lives a thousand … II,  and  Choose your colors

The actual patterns will be posted in the Shared Files III widget on the right hand side of the bottom of the blog.  Tomorrow.





Adaptations: A reader lives … & All my scattering moments …

All my scallering moments IMy Mom loved needlework and had a collection of work done by her Mom and other family members.  Many of these beautiful things were lost during a flood in the 1950′s, but I’ve inherited the pieces that she was able to salvage.  Of these, one is a combination of applique and cutwork which I’ve always loved.  Last year I  adapted it for cross stitch, and am releasing it for your personal, non-commercial use.  The verses are ones from my collection.  So try the “Pick Your Colors” variation, or one with its colors provided, but enjoy!  The patterns for all reside in the Shared Files III widget at the bottom right of my blog page.

Happy Stitching


All my scattering moments II

All my scattering moments ...III

A reader lives a thousand  ... I  A reader lives a thousand ... II ... IIChoose your colors

The problem is fixed!

Thanks to the patience of a Tech Guru, my major Shared Files issues are solved!.

All my patterns for 2014 forward will be found in the Shared Files III widget on the right hand side of the blog.  I still have some issues to clean up concerning older files that can’t be downloaded from the Shared Files Box.  (The first Shared Files Box)

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December 2013 Friendship Sampler ~ freebie

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!     

Under my copyright and free for your personal, non-commercial use only.                                                                                                                                                     

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Hi Stitchers,

I’m having major issues with and may not be able to get things straightened out until January. So I tried posting a link to the pattern right in the post itself.  OMG!  Why didn’t I think of this before?  I’m going to post the next few patterns this way and see how it goes.  It should make finding the PDF patterns much easier, yes?  

Happy Stitching!


Dec 2013 Friendship Sampler

Friendship Sampler 2013

Friendship Sampler 2013

The Amazing Applique of Deborah Kemball!

Today I discovered the applique designs of Deborah Kemball, and fell in love.  Seeing her work affected me the same way that a Van Gogh painting affected me the first time I saw it.  There was color and  texture and something undefinable that spoke to me at a gut level.  I just couldn’t stop looking at it.  It opened up new possibilities and made me want to create my own work.

In the past few months I’ve taken up quilting again after years and years, and I’m really enjoying it.  At my last quilt meeting I was strongly attracted to the applique work of another quilter in our group.  The applique technique spoke to me as I watched her work on a needle-turn piece, and then today when I came across Deborah Kemball’s art I knew I was completely hooked!   The design possibilities of combining cross stitch, embroidery, beading, quilting, and now applique are very exciting.

The header picture is a wee snippet of Kemball’s work!   Isn’t it beautiful?!   Go to her website to see for yourself: