Flowers ~ Motifs from the Heart


My single most persistent motif.   My childhood was filled with flowers.  My Grandmother on my Mother’s side, the daughter of a florist, loved flowers and I have descendants of her Lillies of the Valley in my garden.   My Father grew roses,  zinnias, portulacas,  carnations, hollyhawks and gladiolas in profusion.  I played house in a tangle of lilac bushes forming a hedge in our backyard.  I loved the violets, violas, iris and other blue/purple flowers scattered across our lawns and gardens.  My Mother favored her Mother’s geraniums whose  pink and red happiness seemed to grow everywhere.  The first shape I drew was a flower, oddly shaped and like no other I had seen, but definitely a flower.  When we lived in Massachusetts for a year, I fell in love with the exotic terraced  gardens of our temporary home.  Bleeding hearts, larkspur, peonies, foxglove, primrose and poppies were new to me. It was an enchanting place to sit and read.  Flowers & embroidery are a natural & beautiful mix.


About embroiderbee

ABOUT ME: Catholic, Wife, Mom, Artist, Researcher, Baker, Cat- Herder, New Englander. I love designing needlework, especially samplers with specialty stitches, applique & quilting, painting, photographing, reading, writing, baking, fabric and floss collecting. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE COLORS: bluish-purples and greens. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE ANIMALS: Cats ~ you don't have to walk them, and they purr. I've also loved my share of dogs. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE MUSIC: Instrumental ~ flute, piano, Smetana's Moldau ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE MOVIES: Pride & Prejudice with Ehle and Firth. No other versions need apply. Waking Ned Devine, Happy endings only. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE BOOKS: A Tale of Two Cities, Pride and Prejudice, mysteries, romance, classics, non-fiction. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE CLOTHES: Worn blue jeans, turtlenecks, T-shirts, and hoodies. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Book Notes, some History Channel, Fox News, The Science Channel, some The Real Housewives of ... , Doc Martin, some Masterpiece Theater, some TED talks. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE THINGS 2 DO: Read a good book during a rain or snow storm. Stitch or paint in beautiful light. Talk in bed with my husband late at night and then go for an early breakfast... ie, have his total undivided attention, and luxuriate in it. Talk with our son without cell phones, ipods, etc at a family meal. Go to lunch with a friend and laugh till our sides hurt. Browse in a good library or bookstore. Go to the theater when both the play and the seats are good. Stay home and do absolutely nothing. Read on my Kindle! *~*~*~* ETHNICITY: Mixed-American Mutt of Irish (97%), Welsh, and many other slivers of ethnicity.

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  1. Hi Nela!

    I put your message in my online translator and this is what came out …
    Hello Remy, if you want Zinnia seed kilos by now I have …. the flowers are bursting from my father .. and I have planted flowers everywhere … and he had offered to send Ina holland …
    I’m not sure that’s what you said, but yes, I love zinnias!! They remind me of my Father and his wonderful gardens.

    Thank you for writing. Sorry my Spanish is not good.


  2. Hola Remy, si desea semillas de Zinnia ahora tengo por kilos…. las flores de mi suegro estan repletas.. y he sembrado flores por doquier…ya le habia ofrecido a Ina para enviar a holanda…

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