Emma ~ I want to be an only cat


Emma was our third cat.  Sunny and Niggy were settled in and happy when Emma arrived …  so no territorial concerns as Sunny and Niggy are the gentlest of creatures.  Then we found Peanut, for free on the roadside, and since nobody messes with Peanut, everything continued along smoothly.  Then we adopted Marble and Brown-Brown.  Brown refuses to stay inside for any length of time, but Marble wants to be with us.  She adores my DH, and follows him around like a dog.  She’s wee and sweet, but Emma hates her.  So now I’m living with two cats that I can’t leave alone together, which is like living on a locked ward.  One gets shut in the downstairs bathroom if the other one is free.  Emma is definitely the aggressor, and Marble is terrified of her.  Does this type of situation ever resolve itself amicably?  Will it improve over time or will it always be like living through the Shootout at the OK Corral?


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ABOUT ME: Catholic, Wife, Mom, Artist, Researcher, Baker, Cat- Herder, New Englander. I love designing needlework, especially samplers with specialty stitches, applique & quilting, painting, photographing, reading, writing, baking, fabric and floss collecting. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE COLORS: bluish-purples and greens. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE ANIMALS: Cats ~ you don't have to walk them, and they purr. I've also loved my share of dogs. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE MUSIC: Instrumental ~ flute, piano, Smetana's Moldau ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE MOVIES: Pride & Prejudice with Ehle and Firth. No other versions need apply. Waking Ned Devine, Happy endings only. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE BOOKS: A Tale of Two Cities, Pride and Prejudice, mysteries, romance, classics, non-fiction. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE CLOTHES: Worn blue jeans, turtlenecks, T-shirts, and hoodies. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Book Notes, some History Channel, Fox News, The Science Channel, some The Real Housewives of ... , Doc Martin, some Masterpiece Theater, some TED talks. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE THINGS 2 DO: Read a good book during a rain or snow storm. Stitch or paint in beautiful light. Talk in bed with my husband late at night and then go for an early breakfast... ie, have his total undivided attention, and luxuriate in it. Talk with our son without cell phones, ipods, etc at a family meal. Go to lunch with a friend and laugh till our sides hurt. Browse in a good library or bookstore. Go to the theater when both the play and the seats are good. Stay home and do absolutely nothing. Read on my Kindle! *~*~*~* ETHNICITY: Mixed-American Mutt of Irish (97%), Welsh, and many other slivers of ethnicity.

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  1. My daughter adopted a 9 month old kitten from the Animal Shelter. She was very timid and would run and hide when anyone came near her. She was terrified of my daughter’s other cat and he wasn’t very happy to see her in HIS home either. We solved the problem by using tuna fish in oil. We took some of the tuna oil and put it on both cats between their shoulders, so when each cat got near the other they both smelled like food. We fed both cats the tuna as a treat. Now they even groom one another and when we hear hissing it is just in play.

  2. Hi Ginger,
    Thanks for your reply. Emma now lives on the porch, and Marble is inside and blossoming. Marb plays happily with our other three cats and it seems like she’s gotten her courage back. Emma is a very loving cat with us, and loves to snuggle. But we’re looking for a nice, single-cat home for her because I just don’t trust her anymore. I hate to give her away, but I hate cat fights more. Thanks for sharing about your Persian. Emma is part some type of Oriental … I’m not sure which breed.
    Perhaps fighting is a tendency of certain breeds? It’s such a shame because she’s a beauty.

  3. Some cats can make life for another truly miserable. We had a Persian that literally stalked another cat so that she could attack her in the potty, at the food dish and water bowl, etc. The one abused cat hid almost all the time. We found another (single cat) home for the Persian and both cats were happier. The once terrified cat became extremely social!

    We have also had a pariah cat who’s behavior was truly odd. We had at the same time, a Maine Coon cat that took it upon herself to protect the pariah cat from other cats. If your one kitty is afraid of all your cats, it too might be a pariah cat.

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