Got Quilt Scraps?

Here’s a link to a great quilting idea from a blog I just discovered.

completely cauchy

Simple Insanity

I have a  little pile of fabrics that I fell in love with and three unfinished quilt tops, all waiting for me to do something with them … someday.  When I saw this nifty project a lightbulb went off.   I love the quilt she made, and am thinking that I could insert a few squares of my embroidery into a similar design.

I do not however, love the highly charged PC “discussion” from another blog, that her post referenced.   OMG!  Will there now be Eskimos complaining that there aren’t enough representations of them in someone’s art?  Will  Van Gogh’s paintings be criticized because he didn’t include any Eskimo  children in his work?  Should Hispanic/Irish/Welsh/Mixed-Whatever  women like myself start to feel slighted because we’re not represented in someone’s fabric designs?

When your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

Let artists be artists and don’t try to tell us which inspirations we should draw upon in our work.   Completely cauchy gave an interesting comment on that discussion (which is linked to on her blog), but the whole idea of  telling artists what they should use as subject matter makes me crazy, even discussing it makes me crazy.

Heather Ross  (a person I’d never even heard of before I surfed across Cauchy’s blog)  is now someone I feel needs defending from the PC police.  Damn!  If you’re not represented to your satisfaction in someone’s fabric designs, then make up your own fabric designs with fabric paint and applique.  For goodness sake,  you don’t have to use only commercially available fabrics.  Commercial designers ( or any artist) shouldn’t be besieged by women crying, “Design for Me!” and “No!  Design for ME!”  or “Why can’t I see myself in your work? ”  Hello people, … art is created by individuals, not by homogenized,  Please-All committees.

Make your art individual and personal.  Don’t complain ~ do something creative.   Most new art movements start out as reactions to whatever went before … remember Impressionism?  Remember the old saying, “No farmer ever plowed a field by turning it over in his mind.”   We need do-ers, and makers, not whiners.  BEE the change!  Blogs are free,  so show your work.  Create what you don’t see out there.  Fill the void.  Get off your duffs and make something. Then sell what you make.  If you’re really filling a vacuum, you may start something wonderful for yourself.

OK, now I need some iced coffee and cookies!

PS  To make the original posts that set me off easier to find, one must first go to Cauchy’s post from January 17 … titled, deferred

wherein she references “a minor skirmish like this one”   on another blog
Cauchy references the blog  flint . knits January 15th post by 

guest blogger Ashley Shannon, on Ponies and Privilege      This is the post with its many replies, which just set my teeth on edge.


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ABOUT ME: Catholic, Wife, Mom, Artist, Researcher, Baker, Cat- Herder, New Englander. I love designing needlework, especially samplers with specialty stitches, applique & quilting, painting, photographing, reading, writing, baking, fabric and floss collecting. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE COLORS: bluish-purples and greens. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE ANIMALS: Cats ~ you don't have to walk them, and they purr. I've also loved my share of dogs. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE MUSIC: Instrumental ~ flute, piano, Smetana's Moldau ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE MOVIES: Pride & Prejudice with Ehle and Firth. No other versions need apply. Waking Ned Devine, Happy endings only. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE BOOKS: A Tale of Two Cities, Pride and Prejudice, mysteries, romance, classics, non-fiction. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE CLOTHES: Worn blue jeans, turtlenecks, T-shirts, and hoodies. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Book Notes, some History Channel, Fox News, The Science Channel, some The Real Housewives of ... , Doc Martin, some Masterpiece Theater, some TED talks. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE THINGS 2 DO: Read a good book during a rain or snow storm. Stitch or paint in beautiful light. Talk in bed with my husband late at night and then go for an early breakfast... ie, have his total undivided attention, and luxuriate in it. Talk with our son without cell phones, ipods, etc at a family meal. Go to lunch with a friend and laugh till our sides hurt. Browse in a good library or bookstore. Go to the theater when both the play and the seats are good. Stay home and do absolutely nothing. Read on my Kindle! *~*~*~* ETHNICITY: Mixed-American Mutt of Irish (97%), Welsh, and many other slivers of ethnicity.

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  1. I have never tried quilting but looks very interesting. I am more into cross stitch. However I do agree with you and I liked what you said about when your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail 🙂

  2. Sorry, but I really can’t relate to all this. Fabric is fabric. I do not follow any of the designers – I have no favourite and I certainly couldn’t tell you what fabrics go into my quilts. I buy what I like and that’s that.

    • Hi Dolores,
      Yup, it was a tempest in a teapot for sure! I couldn’t believe all the comments complaining about the designer’s choice of subject matter. Like you, I just buy what I like without regard to names or labels, … just cost, quality and color.

      I’m delighted that you “related” enough to comment though, because otherwise I’d never have discovered Inchies. I love them and yours are wonderful!

  3. I enjoy your blog and the ideas you offer. I especially liked your comment today about your only tool a hammer, everything looks like a nail. I have to keep that in mind.

    I do cross stitch and dabble in quilting. It’s a great combination to stitch something and quilt around it. I’ve made a few blocks to go into a memory quilt for a couple of friends that I lost to Ovarian cancer and I was able to stitch things related to them. It’s a great way to finish off little bits of needlework that you don’t want to frame.

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