Small February Freebie ~ Inspired by Obama’s “Budget”

I sometimes don’t have the words to express how disgusted I am by “Hide the Peanut” Politics, but this ancient, Native American Proverb comes close, so I made it into a little sampler!

Ancient Native American Proverb

It’s under my copyright and free for your personal stitching pleasure only, and not for any commercial use.

Happy Stitching!


PS  It appears that for one stitcher, a little explanation may be in order.  Hide the Peanut Politics refers to political pork and earmarks.  The frog doesn’t drink up the pond he lives in, but our politicians do. This happens in both political parties and among the thousands of  political coat-tailers and lobbyists.  Think of America as your pond, and you may get a teensy bit irritated by all the freeloaders siphoning off our water, ie tax money.  You don’t have to be involved in politics to recognize rampant greed, or political payoffs.

The story of the frog in the pot of water also resonates here.  The frog didn’t realize he was going to be boiled alive because the water was heated gradually.  Our pond has been  gradually drained by unsustainable spending, and it’s all but dry.  Either way, the frog/America dies.


About embroiderbee

ABOUT ME: Catholic, Wife, Mom, Artist, Researcher, Baker, Cat- Herder, New Englander. I love designing needlework, especially samplers with specialty stitches, applique & quilting, painting, photographing, reading, writing, baking, fabric and floss collecting. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE COLORS: bluish-purples and greens. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE ANIMALS: Cats ~ you don't have to walk them, and they purr. I've also loved my share of dogs. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE MUSIC: Instrumental ~ flute, piano, Smetana's Moldau ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE MOVIES: Pride & Prejudice with Ehle and Firth. No other versions need apply. Waking Ned Devine, Happy endings only. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE BOOKS: A Tale of Two Cities, Pride and Prejudice, mysteries, romance, classics, non-fiction. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE CLOTHES: Worn blue jeans, turtlenecks, T-shirts, and hoodies. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Book Notes, some History Channel, Fox News, The Science Channel, some The Real Housewives of ... , Doc Martin, some Masterpiece Theater, some TED talks. ~*~*~*~* FAVORITE THINGS 2 DO: Read a good book during a rain or snow storm. Stitch or paint in beautiful light. Talk in bed with my husband late at night and then go for an early breakfast... ie, have his total undivided attention, and luxuriate in it. Talk with our son without cell phones, ipods, etc at a family meal. Go to lunch with a friend and laugh till our sides hurt. Browse in a good library or bookstore. Go to the theater when both the play and the seats are good. Stay home and do absolutely nothing. Read on my Kindle! *~*~*~* ETHNICITY: Mixed-American Mutt of Irish (97%), Welsh, and many other slivers of ethnicity.

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  1. Wow! I certainly love this! Love frogs. Love the meaning. Love it all! I will be making several of these. I have a Sis-in-law that is doing her whole house in Native American motiff. This will go perfect with her decore! Thank you ever so much for the awesome cross stitch pattern!

  2. Hi Remy! Many thanks for this nice chart! I love frogs and will gladly stitch this one. Congratulations for all your creations, they’re wonderful. Have a nice day!

  3. bagladyinstitches

    Hi Remy, thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comments, I’ve left you a reply there

    This is a lovely design, I love frogs. Too bad about O’bummer, looks like change is good for a very few people but not for others 😉

    Bonnes petites croix, Michele

  4. I’m an italian sitcher and designer it’s my first time on wordpress and I want ask you a favour, could you tell me how to make a list of my favourite links on my homepage? I would be very happy to add your blog too.
    your frog is very nice!.

  5. Géniale cette grenouille, merci !
    Bonne journée

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