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Morning Glories Sampler ~ Freebie

Another great Dr. Mary Bethune quote for a small sampler with some special stitches.  The pattern is free for your personal stitching pleasure.

Happy Stitching!


PIC ~ Morning Glories Sampler


(Freebie) Power ~ Dr. Mary Bethune : a sampler for Black History Month

Another great quote for Black History Month … set in my current favorite frame!  I like this sampler in the beautiful colors of Sullivan’s Floss.

Happy Stitching!


Power ~ Dr. Mary Bethune

Power ~ Dr. Mary Bethune

Dear Camille Grammer ~ I’m tired of trying to post on your Bravo TV blog, so I’ll just say it here

Dear Camille,

You have a lovely name, and you would also look lovely if you’d give up vamping around and act your age.  Cut your hair to just past chin length … something chic and smooth and new … not the typical BH bleached, extended and too long for middle aged matrons sort of do.  Choose clothing that will gently flatter your figure, not flaunt it.  Flaunting is for bunnies.  When you look at the camera … really look at the camera … and smile, really smile.  When you greet your male friends, greet them with a very small hug, a friendly hug … not a pre-coital clinch.  Better yet, stop hugging male friends, and absolutely do not kiss them full on the lips.  Stop accusing, blaming and backbiting other women.  You must realize that your behavior toward Kyle made you look absolutely crazy … paranoid and mean as a snake crazy.  Many of your words and actions make you look ugly and evil.  And if you persist, then you will really become evil and ugly.

You seem to have been born with most of the basic ingredients to be an attractive, interesting, happy woman, but yet you’re quite obviously really not.  You constantly over emphasize your beauty (and you think everyone’s jealous), and your status  (wagging on about it constantly like a snotty 14 year old girl ).  And yet you under emphasize your humanity … is there any REAL kindness in you?  You brag about your kindness and generosity, but I haven’t seen it.  It’s easy to write a charity check with Kelsey’s money, but it’s hard to let go of petty grievances (real or imagined) that are clearly fueled by your own insecurity. Yes, INSECURITY.  Know that!  You are insecure or you wouldn’t keep harping on what you thought you heard.  Woman-wise you’re in junior high.  As you age this focus will only disappoint you, make you sad, and destroy the chance your children will have for relatively happy childhoods.   In fact, you already seem quite sad, and bitter, which in Beverly Hills is not going to garner you any real sympathy, if there’s any to garner in an enclave focused on status, plastic surgery and materialism.

Whatever went on between you and Kelsey will eventually fade into the past.  Be glad that you will have the financial means to live a comfortable life without the constant worries most single Mothers face daily.  Think of it as coming out ahead.  Pull yourself together.  You don’t need 4 nannies.  Replace your nannies with yourself.  Be there for your children.  Be with them.

Best wishes,



Dear Readers,

This was my response  to the actions of one of the reality “characters” on a soap-like reality show called “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” on the BRAVO TV network.  I have occasionally commented on the Bravo TV Message Boards about other Housewife shows, but when I tried to comment on Camille Grammer’s behavior this season, I was unable to.  Perhaps their Message Board Managers felt that there were already just too many negative posts about Camille’s atrocious attitude and actions, because other show watchers have also had trouble posting.

The Real Housewife franchise makes Bravo $$$, and the current “Housewives” are fascinating in the way that the very rich, or the seemingly very rich, are fascinating to mere mortals.   One of the ladies recently spent over $40,000 for her four-year old’s birthday party.  The child could have cared less.  The Mother was re-creating the birthday she would have wanted for herself.  So for most of America, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is a fantasy/fairy tale of sorts, and I suppose that there has to be an evil witch/character.  Whether the show is scripted or not, Camille and her coterie of hangers-on are proof that like attracts like, and they fill the evil witch/evil characters roles nicely.   If one didn’t already think that narcissism can rule supreme where there is money and the power that comes with it,  one  would certainly think it after watching Camille on RHBH.

In any event, bad behavior is still bad behavior, no matter how rich one is.  It’s sad to think that some people who have earned/married/inherited much wealth, can’t figure out how to lead decent lives.

The Finder’s Keepers ~ Updake!

I love books, and when I come across a very special book, I like to share it.  The Help by Kathryn Stockett is such a book.  I haven’t even finished it yet, but I love it, and know it’s a classic.  ISBN: 978-0-399-15534-5

Finished reading last night, 04-28, and absolutely loved the book … a wonderful read.

work in progress

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