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Kittens Biscornu ~ February Freebie

Free for your personal use, this could also make a sweet little pillow.

Happy Stitching!


Kittens Biscornu

Kittens Biscornu


Cats! Cats! Cats!

Niggy ~ warm laptop


Niggy ~ Regal



Niggy ~ Netflix






Marble ~ at attention



Marble ~ treehouse



Marble ~ eyes





Peanut ~ my couch!



Peanut ~ eye contact


Peanut ~ relaxing

Peanut and her Binkie

     Peanut’s favorite binkie is her own tail!  It’s always handy, comfortably worn, and perfect to snuggle with before sleeping.  And Peanut sleeps a lot … seemingly all the time.   But if the refrigerator door opens, or someone makes an interesting, food-related noise, she’s instantly there.   She’s the  only cat not bothered by the camera.   The others will turn away from the lens, Peanut just stares it down.  We also call her  Bumpy because she’s always ramming her little round head into one’s legs to show her affection.



Right before Sleep

The Sampler Menagerie ~ fun with little stitched creatures!

I just joined a new blog, The Sampler Menagerie  where we share the little stitched creatures we’ve found or created in samplers.  It promises to be interesting and lots of fun!  Come over and see!


Cat Pics

Peanut Being Peanut












Niggy Contemplating the Universe










Miss Marble at Attention













Pictures of Nigella Shadow, aka Niggy, La Niggy, The Nigster, Nig-Nig

Favorite habitat


I like boxes ... even trash boxes

Looking a little guilty?

Marble and Peanut

Marble and Peanut




A tiny treasure excerpted from my sampler “Four Cats on a Magic Carpet” stitched by Barbara Albers

Cats on a Magic Carpet ~ Barbara Albers

Stitcher Barbara Albers,   sent me this picture of her creative take on my 2009 sampler, Four Cats on a magic Carpet!   I love it!    Thank you Barbara!!

New Freebie in the Shared Files Widget ~ My Little Cats

Thanks to reader Katherine M., I now have a better idea as to why some of you are having trouble downloading my charts.  If you come to my blog on a direct link to an individual  pattern,  such as Craft Gossip provides,  the Shared Files widget does not show up.  You can only double click on the pattern’s picture to enlarge it, but you do not have access to the whole pattern.

To get the actual pattern,  scroll up to the top of the page you landed on and click on my blog title, Embroiderbee’s Primary Hive, which will bring you to the blog’s main page.  The Shared Files widget will be on the right hand side of the blog, and you can look for the title of the pattern that you want in the widget.  My patterns are in chronological order, so if you want the latest one, it will be at the top of the list.  If you’re looking for an older release, scroll down through the patterns by name until you locate the one you’re seeking. Capiche?  I hope this clears things up.

My Little Cats have Hearts of Gold

Here’s a little freebie inspired by my furballs, which is for your personal stitching pleasure only.  It’s under my copyright and cannot be used for any commercial purpose.

Happy Stitching!


More Blizzard Shots

Waiting Out the Storm

Wall of Snow

A Good Sized Slice of Snow

work in progress

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