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Final 2010 Freebie ~ A Happenstance of Hearts

A Happenstance of Hearts

For stitchers who love color ~ here’s a chart with a heart of gold and a riot of happy shades.   All motifs start with a heart!  It’s under copyright and released for your personal, non-commercial use only.

Enjoy!   Happy Stitching!  Happy New Year!



Valentine Freebie ~ Blue Eyed Bees Send Messages of Love

Blue Eyed Bees Send Messages of Love

Small Chart with a big name!  Here’s a Valentine for stitchers in the shape of a band sampler.  Lots of lovely colors and some special stitches make this fancy, but doable in time for a special valentine.

Design under copyright and for your personal use only.

Happy Stitching!


Nigella Shadow foils the paparazzi

Niggy ~ Up Close

Every once in a while I manage to catch a great picture of Niggy.  Today wasn’t the day.  The cats had post-blizzard jumpiness … flying off the window seats each time a strong gust of wind blew snow against the panes, then hopping back to their spots when the wind subsided.  I took some cute shots of Peanut and Marble, who both photograph nicely, because I’m doing a calendar for 2011.  Niggy mostly photographs looking  crazy,  or not looking at the camera.  See the fingers under her chin?  It’s really hard to hold a cat and take her picture at the same time.  She was not amused.  I LOVE this cat because she is the most loving, gentle, sweet tempered feline ever, no matter what she looks like in my photos.   I had a bout of food poisoning over the holiday, and she sat in the hall outside the bathroom crying while I was sick.  She cried and cried and cried, pacing back and forth like a dog.  But let the little minx see me with a camera and she turns this face on me.  Ten minutes later she was snoring happily in the timeshare box next to my desk.  Go figure!

Freebie ~ Snowflake Quaker II

Snowflake Quaker II

The light has changed, the days are getting longer, and each year at this time some of the most beautiful skies I’ve ever seen fill me with hope.  The sky is wide because there are no leaves to crowd it out.  Its colors are soft and subtle … these skies are the very earliest promise of spring.

It’s going to snow soon, so what better time for another Snowflake Quaker on the palest of pink sky linen?  You’ll need to see the symbol chart as most of the colors are quite pale, and the symbols make it easier to see.  The French Knot symbols are for Beads to be sewn on top of cross stitches in the same color as the rest of the snowflake.  I couldn’t get the Bead symbol to work properly and finally gave up and used a large French Knot symbol.

The design is under copyright and for your personal stitching pleasure only.

Merry Christmas!


Small Freebie ~ Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year 2011!


Happy New Year ~ Happy Stitching!


Freebie ~ Snowflake Quaker

Snowflake Quaker

I was experimenting with the newest download of KG charts today, and came up with this design that I decided to release as a Freebie.  I’m a little frustrated with the KG upgrade, as it seems that there are now fewer DMC colors than in previous editions.  I’ve got to go back and see if it’s just me (which is entirely possible!) or if it’s KG. Also, it might be my computer’s display, but some of the colors in KG don’t seem to correspond well with the DMC shades.  That’s a shame as I like using KG.  My main design program is usually Pattern Maker Pro, but I like to change programs periodically as each program offers something unique.

Small Updake:  It was just me … all the DMC colors are there.  It’s just that they’re not as easily accessible as I’d like.   DMC color correspondence to a screen image is a highly variable feast, so although I’d like to have the screen match my floss samples, I’ll rely on the floss samples!

Happy Stitching!


Freebie ~ Light Cocoa Lace Band Sampler

Light Cocoa Lace

Dear Stitchers,

I was looking through my patterns for something that wouldn’t require color changes or a frame to work on.  I always have to have something to stitch, but at this time of year most of my WIPs require too much of my scattered concentration!  I settled on Light Cocoa Lace because it fits the bill perfectly.

It offers many possibilities for personalization!  I’m thinking beads … silk threads … etc!

Happy Stitching!  Happy Holidays!


Freebie ~ Hanukkah Stars

Hanukkah Stars


Here’s a relatively fast freebie for you to work up, especially if you use a blue or silver background, or just stitch the stars themselves!   It would make a festive pillow top, or an interesting pair of earrings by beading two of the little stars.

Happy Stitching!



Freebie ~ What Fun to be a Cat!

I love this little poem by Christopher Morley!  So I put it in a sampler just for fun!  It’s for your personal use only and under my copyright.

Happy Stitching!

Remy and the Girls

Fun to be a Cat



Niggy’s Small Holiday Freebies ~ Happy Hanukkah / Merry Christmas

Happy ~ Merry from Niggy

Nigella Shadow (Niggy), our Tortiseshell cat, asked me to post her Holiday Season Greetings to all our stitchers, as she’s been tied up with floss, fabrics, and removing those tasty  sticky tabs from my pattern books.

Either of these designs, stitched on 20 ct fabric, could make a nice gift tag for another cat lover, or be used as the border on a special pillowcase … or in any number of other projects!

You might add silver floss, in place of one of the 2 blues used in her Hanukkah scarf, to be more appropriate and festive.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, and Happy Stitching!

Remy & Niggy

P.S.  Niggy reminded me that I’d left off her whiskers!  She suggests that you add short white ones, like hers.

work in progress

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