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Information is not the answer … it’s just a tool. ~ Psychology is not the answer, it’s also just a tool.

“Education once seemed to some men the gateway to Heaven-on-Earth for everyone.  Now we have tried it, and we know that schooling alone will not save our society.  Never has there been so much education, and never before so little arrival at the truth …

We have stuffed our children’s minds with facts, and neglected to teach them how to live.  Any system of education which fails to discipline the will, also fails to train the character … it does not make responsible citizens … Education can never make a man better unless it teaches him the true purpose of man, and the difficulties he must overcome to realize that purpose.

Much education today is based on the Socratic error that ignorance of good is the cause of evil, and that all we need do to overcome evil is to give men information.  If this were so, every educated man should be a good man; but we know this is not true …

When the Divine Awareness transforms the personality, a new service of charity to fellow man is born.  One sees then that men are distinguished from one another not by their education, wealth, charm, beauty, or cleverness, but rather by their responsiveness to the Divine Action in the soul.

To the eyes of faith only two classes of people exist: those who say ‘Yes’ to God, and those who say ‘No’ to Him.”

Exerpted from:  Lift Up Your Heart by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen



John Taylor Gatto strikes again!  Just found his new book, Weapons of Mass Instruction, in the library.   We homeschooled for 12 wonderful, happy years, and he was one of our heroes!  The man is a mensch.  It’s great to read in print what you know in your heart.  Government, government, government … you gotta love it.  It’s efficient, trustworthy, ethical, always looking out for us,  and educating our children with great new government ideas.  Have any of you read Brave New World, 1984, or Fahrenheit 451?

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“Anyone who fails to go forward begins to go back, and love, I believe, can never be content to stay for long where it is.” —St. Teresa of Avila


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