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Adaptations: A reader lives … & All my scattering moments …

All my scallering moments IMy Mom loved needlework and had a collection of work done by her Mom and other family members.  Many of these beautiful things were lost during a flood in the 1950’s, but I’ve inherited the pieces that she was able to salvage.  Of these, one is a combination of applique and cutwork which I’ve always loved.  Last year I  adapted it for cross stitch, and am releasing it for your personal, non-commercial use.  The verses are ones from my collection.  So try the “Pick Your Colors” variation, or one with its colors provided, but enjoy!  The patterns for all reside in the Shared Files III widget at the bottom right of my blog page.

Happy Stitching


All my scattering moments II

All my scattering moments ...III

A reader lives a thousand  ... I  A reader lives a thousand ... II ... IIChoose your colors


2 No Farmer Ever Plowed … Freebies:

Here’s an update on one of my older patterns, No Farmer Ever Plowed, and a bonus, newer version of the same quote.  Both are under my copyright and released for your personal stitching pleasure only.




2013 Version

2013 Version

Freebie: No diet … II ~ In my favorite colors

Same pattern in different colors, with the same copyright restrictions. 

Happy Stitching!


No diet ... II

No diet … II

Freebie Alert: A beautiful frame & a fresh quote!

No diet ...

No diet …




I love the look of mottled book paper with a dash of acerbic Shaw, but your own favorite quote or a special alphabet will look terrific also.

The design is released under my copyright, and is intended for your personal, non-commercial use only.

Happy Stitching!


PS  Shaw was only partially right about the brain … it’s 50% fat.





A Great Book … Freebie

A great quote by an interesting young actor.  The design is free for your personal, non-commercial use only, and includes a blackwork border.

Happy Stitching!


A Great Book ...

A Great Book …

Freebie ~ Frederick Douglas Quote

The words of an amazing man with a message that’s just as true today. This quote pattern is released for your personal, non-commercial use only, and is under my copyright.

Happy Stitching!


PS  Douglass has two  s’s.   Thankfully, there is ample room to copy another S in the pattern!  God provides!

For a slightly different take on this design, see post: 02-13-12    Frederick Douglas Quote ~ Alt Colors

Freebie ~ Small Blue Stitch Sampler

Here’s a small freebie just for fun.  It’s under copyright and for your personal stitching pleasure only.   This would make a nice pillow top.

Happy Stitching!



Small Blue Stitch Sampler

Free Pattern ~ TURN the CLOCKS

Turn the Clocks

Here’s a pattern, free for your personal use only, in keeping with the autumnal clock turning and Phyllis McGinley’s wonderful poem!

Happy stitching!


Freebie Frame 4 Fall ~ October Squared

October Squared


Here’s a frame I dreamed up today while I was outside looking at the last of our beautiful fall leaves.  Their colors are so amazing that I had to design a piece to keep something of their beauty with me during the winter ahead.   This design is free, but under my copyright, and for your personal use only.  There are many color changes in each leaf, for those who enjoy stitching detail!

Happy stitching!


Not Exactly Back in the Saddle …

But at least I’m in the Tack Room, so to speak!   After a packed summer spent hunkered over my computer or squeezed into my studio doing coursework, I electrified my sciatic nerve by chasing the inevitable bugs that come with the beginning of fall.   I’m an absolute maniac if there’s a bug in the house … truly a crazy person.  I leap over things and run myself ragged until the bug is caught.   The guys think it’s kind of funny, but for me it’s a true obsession.  And after the offending insect is caught, I have to clean the spots where I saw him land.   I was standing on the sofa in the den with the electric tennis racquet in my hand when my left sciatic notch cramped up and I had to give up the chase.  Thanks to DHs neurological treatments, this bout has been milder than my past one, but I still haven’t been doing much for the past two weeks.  My memories of having wanted to gnaw my leg off have kept me from pushing the envelope.  To me, no pain is good pain!

Today I was finally able to sit at the computer for an hour and rumage through my designs.  It feels great to be productive again.   This design is a frame for a sampler to be hung in our guest room.  I’m sharing it for your personal stitching pleasure only, as it’s under my copyright.   Happy Stitching!



Morphed Fall Frame 2010


work in progress

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