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Friendship Ornament Freebie

   Here’s a happy little ornament to celebrate a friendship, or just about anything special!   This design celebrates my oldest friendship, formed on the very first day of high  school!  There’s a little eyelet stitch at the top for a thin ribbon to hang it with.  There are also some extra hearts on the left hand side of the chart, in case you’d prefer to do the hearts in cross stitch.  The design is under my copyright and for your personal stitching pleasure only … not for any commercial use.  

Happy Memories, Happy Stitching!



Menorah Star 2011 Freebie

A design for Hanukkah … released for your stitching pleasure only.  Please do not put this or any of my other designs to any commercial use.  


Freebie ~ Hanukkah Stars

Hanukkah Stars


Here’s a relatively fast freebie for you to work up, especially if you use a blue or silver background, or just stitch the stars themselves!   It would make a festive pillow top, or an interesting pair of earrings by beading two of the little stars.

Happy Stitching!



Winter Night Sky ~ Impressionistic Freebie

Winter Night Sky

A Christmas/Hanukkah present for those who love complex charts!  The finished product is only 7.25 x 7.25″ on 32 ct, but the charts are large due to the detail.  I’ve been experimenting with colors and images, and this is the result … my impression of the night sky at this time of year!

I won’t be active online until the New Year, as much good stuff is going on here!  May you enjoy your holidays and your stitching, and I hope to see you again in a happier, more peaceful and prosperous New Year!


Happy Hanukkah Sampler ~ Freebie

Happy Hanukkah!

Here’s a sampler freebie,  just in time to become a quick Hanukkah gift!

It’s released for your personal use only, with the usual restrictions.

Happy Stitching, Happy Hanukkah!


work in progress

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