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Kittens Biscornu ~ February Freebie

Free for your personal use, this could also make a sweet little pillow.

Happy Stitching!


Kittens Biscornu

Kittens Biscornu


More Blizzard Shots

Waiting Out the Storm

Wall of Snow

A Good Sized Slice of Snow

Freebie ~ What Fun to be a Cat!

I love this little poem by Christopher Morley!  So I put it in a sampler just for fun!  It’s for your personal use only and under my copyright.

Happy Stitching!

Remy and the Girls

Fun to be a Cat



Peanut ~ Subduing the Leopard

Subduing the Leopard



Peanut: A small cat with big cat confidence.  Usually found draped over something, almost asleep.  First to the dinner bowl, no matter what.   Loves to shadow box,  and suck on the end of her tail, which looks like a well used paint brush.  Will eat anything … absolutely anything.  Tries to sneak onto the kitchen island to cruise for snacks.  Loves the faux leopard throw we bought to protect a chair, and now will find it no matter where we hide it.  Yes, we hide it just to watch her do her thing.  And she KNOWS when it goes into the wash.

Peanut in the Timeshare Box

Marble: But Now I’m Found!

Life is good!

Marble: I Once Was Lost …

I was feral?

MIA ~ Brown-Brown

We are pretty sure that we’ve lost one of our two outside cats … the youngest… Brown-Brown.  She adores my DH and follows him everywhere.  Every morning she waits for him by the gate and accompanies him to put Pepe, the LaMancha goat, into his pasture.  Every evening she’s there to walk back with Pete and Pepe.  It’s their daily ritual.  She has a deep rumbly purr for such a little cat, and brings me almost daily presents … the kind you don’t want to step on barefoot.  We tried for a year to keep her in the house, but she wanted none of it, only staying long enough to eat before begging to go outside.  She was one of 4 cats we rescued … a Mom and three of her kittens.  They were feral and living in a cave-like hole.  The Mom, Sophie, was quite beautiful, but left the minute she could escape.  Luckily, the kittens were eating solid food by then.  DS now has Bella, one of the Calico twins, and we have Marble, the other Calico.  Brown-Brown was the smallest and the most people-friendly, but was an outdoor girl from the start.  She’s been gone a week now, and we miss her terribly.  She never got to use the heated, outdoor cat house she’ll share with Precious, her roommate who is lost without her.  Once before we had a cat go missing for over a week, only to turn up nonchalantly and without a scratch.  We’re still hoping she’ll return to us.

Peter and his Brown-Brown


Dear Reader,

It’s been quite a summer, and I’m looking forward to fall.  If you’ve read my blog for awhile, you know that I’ve had adventures with my Dell printer.  Just search under Dell 2130cn if you don’t know the story.  I love my printer, but I do not love the cost of its ink cartridges, and I most definitely do not love its Tech Support.  My printer has now been down for over two weeks because none of my Cyan cartridges (3 new ones) will work.  One cannot print anything without all 4 cartridges working.  My DH has absolutely NO patience with Dell anymore,  and although I love the quality of 2130cn’s printing when it’s working … it’s not.  I’ve had to save pictures of things which I wanted to print, like class notes.  But, after scouring the web, I’m going to purchase an inexpensive HP printer this afternoon.  At least I can purchase two years of American English tech support for $29.00.  I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to try talking with foreign tech support operating off a script.   I would be totally unable to help someone speaking a foreign language with anything, but Dell expects that just because their Tech people have been given  “American” names, we’re going to be able to understand each other.  As I’ve said before, the global economy doesn’t always work for me, especially for technical stuff.

DS broke his ankle in early summer … playing paintball.  I won’t even go there.  He’s healing nicely now, and that’s what counts with us.  DH and I have been battling with a sly fox which has killed 3 turkeys, 2 ducks and numerous chickens over the past few weeks.  We’re also dealing with local residents who seem to feel no compunction about stomping all over private land and asking stupid questions … do your chickens have enough space?  Are those goats?  Why do you have them?  OMG!!!!!  We’ve been trying to be patient and friendly, but I’m putting up No Trespassing signs, because respect for other people’s property and common sense are increasingly rare.  We had one weirdo crawling around under under our shrubbery and stalking our chickens (they were free range at the time, but due to the fox, and to people like him, they’re not anymore). When confronted, he actually told me that he was taking pictures of them  (no camera visible) to post on Facebook.  He said that he was from south Florida and had never seen free range chickens walking about   Very hard to believe … plus he looked like a remnant from the sixties.  Our chickens are an old breed and very beautiful, so I didn’t trust or believe him.  I figured he was taking pics for future orders.  I swear there is no end to the sleazy, crazy people.  I called the police.  My girlfriend’s brother is one of the offices who responded, and although he found it somewhat amusing that the guy said that he was posting chicken pics to Facebook, he cautioned us to be vigilant, as creeps use all kinds of bizarre behaviors to case houses, farms and livestock for future theft.  And someone already stole a six foot gate we we planning to install, which was not in an easily accessible place.  I think it’s a darn good thing we’re active NRA members.

I haven’t done any stitching or designing since I started my GIMP design class.  My drawing class is going well, as is my abstract painting class, but I need a 72 hour day to squeeze in everything.   Thank goodness for the internet!

Happy stitching!


Big Daddy


Niggy in her Bath

Sunday ~ Cloudy with a chance of stitching

Iris Garden

I work best when the house is completely silent and cool, but New England’s weather has turned very muggy.  So, I’ve just reluctantly turned on the air conditioner, which immediately eliminates silence, but enables physical comfort and stops  elbows from sticking to the computer table.  After a while I’ll no longer really hear the air conditioner, but it will annoy me as incessant background noise … the bad music of modern comfort.

Yesterday I purchased floss for several designs, and today I want to sort and kit them.   These are my own designs, which will be revised as I stitch, and occasionally abandoned in favor of something new.  But the process of assigning colors is as delicious as watching the designs take shape on the linen.  Since I do not currently design for profit, the process is relaxing.  If I put something aside, I do not hear the screechy little voice of the Perfection Fairy in my head, urging me to finish it.  I can just swat that d _ _ n fairy!

Emma has been much better behaved in the last day.  She is still not happy with the little upstart, but she is no longer growling at her.  DH thinks that Emma thinks that she is protecting me.  Possible, I suppose, and rather sweet.  She is my best reading buddy, squashing herself in next to me no matter where I sit with a book.  Since Marble likes to perch on my chair, it’s understandable that Emma takes offense.  I just absolutely cannot stand growling and cat fights.  So, now there are squirt bottles positioned within easy reach of every chair … just in case hostilities recommence.

The room is starting to feel comfortable, so I am off to sort floss and stitch.

Emma ~ I want to be an only cat


Emma was our third cat.  Sunny and Niggy were settled in and happy when Emma arrived …  so no territorial concerns as Sunny and Niggy are the gentlest of creatures.  Then we found Peanut, for free on the roadside, and since nobody messes with Peanut, everything continued along smoothly.  Then we adopted Marble and Brown-Brown.  Brown refuses to stay inside for any length of time, but Marble wants to be with us.  She adores my DH, and follows him around like a dog.  She’s wee and sweet, but Emma hates her.  So now I’m living with two cats that I can’t leave alone together, which is like living on a locked ward.  One gets shut in the downstairs bathroom if the other one is free.  Emma is definitely the aggressor, and Marble is terrified of her.  Does this type of situation ever resolve itself amicably?  Will it improve over time or will it always be like living through the Shootout at the OK Corral?

work in progress

“Anyone who fails to go forward begins to go back, and love, I believe, can never be content to stay for long where it is.” —St. Teresa of Avila

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