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Quaker Heart Sampler ~ Embroiderbee Freebie

  Substitute your own initials and significant date into this romantic Quaker Heart Sampler, and create an heirloom.  This design is for your personal stitching pleasure only, and not for any commercial use. 

Happy Stitching!


Corresponding Sullivan’s Floss Colors

45166, 45352, 45353, 45205, 45204, 45203


I Heart Snowflakes ~ The Gentle Art II

Here is a slightly different take on my design, I Heart Snowflakes, called I Heart Snowflakes~ Gentle Arts Threads II.  It is also a freebie for your stitching pleasure only, and under my copyright.   I love The Gentle Art colors!  Remember to check the SHARED FILES widget on the right hand side of the blog for the pattern PDF.  If you do not see the SHARED FILES widget on the page you landed on, (if you landed here via a link) scroll to the very top of that page and click on Embroiderbee’s Primary Hive, which will bring you to my homepage where you will be able to see the SHARED FILES widget on the right hand side.  Check for the pattern you want by its name.

Happy Stitching!


I Heart Snowflakes ~ Gentle Art Threads II

Something Cooling to Stitch this Summer ~ I Heart Snowflakes

Hi fellow Stitchers!

Here’s a pretty, quaker style freebie.    I Heart Snowflakes is 5″ X 11 1/2″   on 14 ct linen.  It’s a nice size to stitch in-hand and take with you.  The design is under my copyright and released for your personal, non-commercial use only.

Happy Summer Stitching!


I Heart Snowflakes

My Husband’s Two Favorite Designs Coordinated in GA Sampler Threads

My DH has always liked my Green Quaker design (see the original ~ April 2010), so when I did this special I Love You! sampler for him in his preferred Gentle Art’s Sampler Thread colors, I revised the Green Quaker slightly and then matched its colors to those of I Love You!.  The two related designs now make great companion pieces.

These patterns are free for your personal, non-commercial use only.

Happy Stitching!


I Love You!

Green Quaker

January 2011 Quaker ~ Free Personal Use Chart

January 2011 Quaker

I love seeing where my visitors are from.  It amazes me to see all your countries, and know that you’ve visited my blog in your journeys across the web.  It keeps me sending out patterns, like a signals sent into deepest space, to see if I can elicit communication.  I watch my downloaded pattern statistics on and begin to understand what draws you in.  I do lots of random searches on Bing (I hardly ever use Google anymore) just to see what’s out there.  The immense creativity on the web fascinates me.  Today I had a visitor from Ireland, and it gladdened my heart because a few posts back, I was questioning why I see so few visitors from Ireland.

Anyway, I’m delighted that you visit, wherever you’re from!  Do write and say hello, share your blog address, or mention what you’d like to see in upcoming designs.  If I need to,  I’ll just pop your words into the Bing translator.

This free pattern, January 2011 Quaker  is under copyright, and for your personal use only.

Happy Stitching!





Thanks for your replies!  I read each and every one, and I love Quakers too!  I’ve been working on several new Quaker designs which should be out this spring.  Your Poll responses also show Quakers to be big favorites, which is great for me because I love designing them.


Here’s one stitcher’s interpretation of this design!  It’s quite pretty, don’t you think? I love the fringe. It’s from the blog, Love So Swing

1st Day of the Year Freebie ~ January 2011

January 2011

A teeny tiny freebie ( 60 x 80 stitches) to start off the New year! All French Knot symbols are meant to be beads.

Happy Stitching!


Final 2010 Freebie ~ A Happenstance of Hearts

A Happenstance of Hearts

For stitchers who love color ~ here’s a chart with a heart of gold and a riot of happy shades.   All motifs start with a heart!  It’s under copyright and released for your personal, non-commercial use only.

Enjoy!   Happy Stitching!  Happy New Year!


Freebie ~ Snowflake Quaker II

Snowflake Quaker II

The light has changed, the days are getting longer, and each year at this time some of the most beautiful skies I’ve ever seen fill me with hope.  The sky is wide because there are no leaves to crowd it out.  Its colors are soft and subtle … these skies are the very earliest promise of spring.

It’s going to snow soon, so what better time for another Snowflake Quaker on the palest of pink sky linen?  You’ll need to see the symbol chart as most of the colors are quite pale, and the symbols make it easier to see.  The French Knot symbols are for Beads to be sewn on top of cross stitches in the same color as the rest of the snowflake.  I couldn’t get the Bead symbol to work properly and finally gave up and used a large French Knot symbol.

The design is under copyright and for your personal stitching pleasure only.

Merry Christmas!


Freebie ~ Snowflake Quaker

Snowflake Quaker

I was experimenting with the newest download of KG charts today, and came up with this design that I decided to release as a Freebie.  I’m a little frustrated with the KG upgrade, as it seems that there are now fewer DMC colors than in previous editions.  I’ve got to go back and see if it’s just me (which is entirely possible!) or if it’s KG. Also, it might be my computer’s display, but some of the colors in KG don’t seem to correspond well with the DMC shades.  That’s a shame as I like using KG.  My main design program is usually Pattern Maker Pro, but I like to change programs periodically as each program offers something unique.

Small Updake:  It was just me … all the DMC colors are there.  It’s just that they’re not as easily accessible as I’d like.   DMC color correspondence to a screen image is a highly variable feast, so although I’d like to have the screen match my floss samples, I’ll rely on the floss samples!

Happy Stitching!


Weekly Freebie ~ More Things Are Wrought …

More Things Are Wrought ...

Here is my weekly freebie for your stitching pleasure.  It’s not too big, and it’s not too small, but it’s under my copyright and for your personal, non-commercial use only.

Remember that the pattern PDFs for all the free designs featured in my blog are located to the right, in the green, MY Shared Files Box Widget that WordPress provides from   It’s a wonderful little device.  Just select the design that you want and click on it.   A window should then open up on your computer asking you where you wish to download the file.

Happy Stitching!


work in progress

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