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A Sudanese ~ Italian Saint for February

Amazing woman filled with the love of God.  Perfect for thinking about in the month of hearts.



The Amazing Applique of Deborah Kemball!

Today I discovered the applique designs of Deborah Kemball, and fell in love.  Seeing her work affected me the same way that a Van Gogh painting affected me the first time I saw it.  There was color and  texture and something undefinable that spoke to me at a gut level.  I just couldn’t stop looking at it.  It opened up new possibilities and made me want to create my own work.

In the past few months I’ve taken up quilting again after years and years, and I’m really enjoying it.  At my last quilt meeting I was strongly attracted to the applique work of another quilter in our group.  The applique technique spoke to me as I watched her work on a needle-turn piece, and then today when I came across Deborah Kemball’s art I knew I was completely hooked!   The design possibilities of combining cross stitch, embroidery, beading, quilting, and now applique are very exciting.

The header picture is a wee snippet of Kemball’s work!  (A previous header featured her gorgeous quilt with a red background and her amazing floral applique) It is absolutely beautiful!   Go to her website to see for yourself:


Is it just me, or has time sped up???

2617e062d43a65a231c45fa4b3e9b1c9   What?  It’s already Friday?   This is my cat Nigella (Niggy), and she looks like I feel!   As my Mother used to say, “I just don’t know where the time goes!  Thinking about posting is as close as I’ve gotten lately.   In the last months I’ve been involved in some fascinating health research, read a zillion books, taken up quilting, found out a bunch of things about my ancestry,  started taking Standard Process and MediHerb whole food supplements thanks to my Hubby, designed a few samplers (which I’ll post soon eventually), and changed over to a mostly raw or lightly steamed diet with lots of fresh juicing.  Whew!  Where did the time go?  The problem with getting more energy is that I try to do even more things in an already packed week.  So it can’t be Friday cause I haven’t finished Tuesday yet!

Great Quip

“We wanted a President that listens to all Americans   …                    

now we have one.”      

  ~ Jay Leno ~


Words that bear repeating …

“Education once seemed to some men the gateway to Heaven-on-Earth for everyone.  Now we have tried it, and we know that schooling alone will not save our society.  Never has there been so much education, and never before so little arrival at the truth …

We have stuffed our children’s minds with facts, and neglected to teach them how to live.  Any system of education which fails to discipline the will, also fails to train the character … it does not make responsible citizens … Education can never make a man better unless it teaches him the true purpose of man, and the difficulties he must overcome to realize that purpose.

Much education today is based on the Socratic error that ignorance of good is the cause of evil, and that all we need do to overcome evil is to give men information.  If this were so, every educated man should be a good man; but we know this is not true …

When the Divine Awareness transforms the personality, a new service of charity to fellow man is born.  One sees then that men are distinguished from one another not by their education, wealth, charm, beauty, or cleverness, but rather by their responsiveness to the Divine Action in the soul.

To the eyes of faith only two classes of people exist: those who say ‘Yes’ to God, and those who say ‘No’ to Him.”

Exerpted from:  Lift Up Your Heart  by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Late, but heartfelt link in honor of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

This is a late posting I know, but it’s posted in the spirit, not the letter of.   If I could, I would exist outside of all time.  I’m still not completely ready for last Christmas, which is not unusual, but the anticipation of Christmas is always with me.  The words of MLK Jr. and other wisdom-bearers are always with me also, bringing hope into our sorry, sorry world.


To Do List: homeschool, laundry, make dinner, interview exorcist

Patti Armstrong, a homeschooling Mom of 10  and a journalist, has an excellent article at the link above, which one should read before going to see, or letting one’s offspring go see, the movie, The Rite, which releases on January 28.  All the males in my house are planning to see it.   I would prefer to read the book, The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist by Matt Abbott on which the movie is based.

In a clip from the film that I saw on TV, Anthony Hopkins, the exorcist, says to a young Priest, “Choosing not to believe in the devil won’t protect you from him.”   That did it for me!  This is a movie I’m going to have to see.  When I was young and agnostic, I happened to read Malachi Martin’s,  Hostage to the Devil, and then M. Scott Peck’s, The People of the Lie.  Those two books, combined with several amazing spiritual experiences, scared me straight back to God.  It wasn’t an overnight conversion, but I couldn’t brush up against true evil without questioning my assumptions, and eventually my life.   Evil’s greatest power lies in the fact that few believe in it.


Dear Camille Grammer ~ I’m tired of trying to post on your Bravo TV blog, so I’ll just say it here

Dear Camille,

You have a lovely name, and you would also look lovely if you’d give up vamping around and act your age.  Cut your hair to just past chin length … something chic and smooth and new … not the typical BH bleached, extended and too long for middle aged matrons sort of do.  Choose clothing that will gently flatter your figure, not flaunt it.  Flaunting is for bunnies.  When you look at the camera … really look at the camera … and smile, really smile.  When you greet your male friends, greet them with a very small hug, a friendly hug … not a pre-coital clinch.  Better yet, stop hugging male friends, and absolutely do not kiss them full on the lips.  Stop accusing, blaming and backbiting other women.  You must realize that your behavior toward Kyle made you look absolutely crazy … paranoid and mean as a snake crazy.  Many of your words and actions make you look ugly and evil.  And if you persist, then you will really become evil and ugly.

You seem to have been born with most of the basic ingredients to be an attractive, interesting, happy woman, but yet you’re quite obviously really not.  You constantly over emphasize your beauty (and you think everyone’s jealous), and your status  (wagging on about it constantly like a snotty 14 year old girl ).  And yet you under emphasize your humanity … is there any REAL kindness in you?  You brag about your kindness and generosity, but I haven’t seen it.  It’s easy to write a charity check with Kelsey’s money, but it’s hard to let go of petty grievances (real or imagined) that are clearly fueled by your own insecurity. Yes, INSECURITY.  Know that!  You are insecure or you wouldn’t keep harping on what you thought you heard.  Woman-wise you’re in junior high.  As you age this focus will only disappoint you, make you sad, and destroy the chance your children will have for relatively happy childhoods.   In fact, you already seem quite sad, and bitter, which in Beverly Hills is not going to garner you any real sympathy, if there’s any to garner in an enclave focused on status, plastic surgery and materialism.

Whatever went on between you and Kelsey will eventually fade into the past.  Be glad that you will have the financial means to live a comfortable life without the constant worries most single Mothers face daily.  Think of it as coming out ahead.  Pull yourself together.  You don’t need 4 nannies.  Replace your nannies with yourself.  Be there for your children.  Be with them.

Best wishes,



Dear Readers,

This was my response  to the actions of one of the reality “characters” on a soap-like reality show called “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” on the BRAVO TV network.  I have occasionally commented on the Bravo TV Message Boards about other Housewife shows, but when I tried to comment on Camille Grammer’s behavior this season, I was unable to.  Perhaps their Message Board Managers felt that there were already just too many negative posts about Camille’s atrocious attitude and actions, because other show watchers have also had trouble posting.

The Real Housewife franchise makes Bravo $$$, and the current “Housewives” are fascinating in the way that the very rich, or the seemingly very rich, are fascinating to mere mortals.   One of the ladies recently spent over $40,000 for her four-year old’s birthday party.  The child could have cared less.  The Mother was re-creating the birthday she would have wanted for herself.  So for most of America, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is a fantasy/fairy tale of sorts, and I suppose that there has to be an evil witch/character.  Whether the show is scripted or not, Camille and her coterie of hangers-on are proof that like attracts like, and they fill the evil witch/evil characters roles nicely.   If one didn’t already think that narcissism can rule supreme where there is money and the power that comes with it,  one  would certainly think it after watching Camille on RHBH.

In any event, bad behavior is still bad behavior, no matter how rich one is.  It’s sad to think that some people who have earned/married/inherited much wealth, can’t figure out how to lead decent lives.

Great Quote

Politics is just another form of tribalism.

~ P. Lawler

Feeling Better Today

His Beautiful Handwork

I’m feeling better today after spending more time in prayer and meditation.  I have to keep remembering that everything is in God’s hands.  My worrying will not change anything.  The good guys have already won.  And everything is either from His active or His permissive will, and happens for a reason, even if we don’t immediately see it.  Even if we never see it in this life.  He is much more than my human brain can even imagine.  He can handle it! Trust, trust, trust in the Lord.  Turn off the TV and do something positive, do something creative, and listen to Him instead.


work in progress

“Anyone who fails to go forward begins to go back, and love, I believe, can never be content to stay for long where it is.” —St. Teresa of Avila


Quilting and Applique


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