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A Sudanese ~ Italian Saint for February

Amazing woman filled with the love of God.  Perfect for thinking about in the month of hearts.



Freebie Sampler ~ Decide for God!

A small sampler with a big message … free for your personal use only and under my copyright.

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Decide for God!

Decide for God!

Catholic Black History & Spiritual Link

It’s important to share the Good News!  We need to pray for each other, our larger communities and our government.  Follow this link to learn a little Catholic history and the story of a wonderful man.


Two Good Books about Black Catholics

The History of Black Catholics in the United States 

by Cyprian Davis O.S.B.  Published in 1993 by Crossroads Publishing, NY

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AND ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

God’s Men of Color

by Albert S. Foley, S.J., Ph.D.   Published by Farrar, Strauss & Co., NY in 1955

Words that bear repeating …

“Education once seemed to some men the gateway to Heaven-on-Earth for everyone.  Now we have tried it, and we know that schooling alone will not save our society.  Never has there been so much education, and never before so little arrival at the truth …

We have stuffed our children’s minds with facts, and neglected to teach them how to live.  Any system of education which fails to discipline the will, also fails to train the character … it does not make responsible citizens … Education can never make a man better unless it teaches him the true purpose of man, and the difficulties he must overcome to realize that purpose.

Much education today is based on the Socratic error that ignorance of good is the cause of evil, and that all we need do to overcome evil is to give men information.  If this were so, every educated man should be a good man; but we know this is not true …

When the Divine Awareness transforms the personality, a new service of charity to fellow man is born.  One sees then that men are distinguished from one another not by their education, wealth, charm, beauty, or cleverness, but rather by their responsiveness to the Divine Action in the soul.

To the eyes of faith only two classes of people exist: those who say ‘Yes’ to God, and those who say ‘No’ to Him.”

Exerpted from:  Lift Up Your Heart  by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

A Beautiful Miracle in Egypt

Free 4 Your Personal Use ~ Light Sampler

A chart for your personal stitching pleasure only … not for any commercial use.  I am stitching this on pale yellow linen with brilliant white for the frame and a yellow just dark enough to show up clearly, for the Bible verse.

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A modern, Muslim Good Samaritan

This is a beautiful story!

Miraculous survival, amazing courage

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Published Date: March 2, 2011

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  • Today’s Indian News

Sitting on a hospital bed with an amputated leg, Father Arpit is a picture of fortitude and courage.

Filled with new zeal and enthusiasm to live life afresh, the Indian Missionary Society priest says he feels more strong and encouraged than ever before.

His face betrays the travails he underwent following a bizarre train accident. It was indeed a miracle. The 32-year old bore adversity of the kind one would have read of only in fiction books.

On the morning of January 9, Father Arpit was travelling from Tilhar in Uttar Pradesh’s Shahjehanpur district to Bareily to catch a connecting train to New Delhi. While boarding the train his bag got entangled to the door which slammed on him as the train negotiated a curve and he was thrown off.

He lay in a pool of blood, his right leg crushed and the left benumbed yet with a prayer on his lips he managed to move away from the track and pull out his mobile from his bag to inform his community as onlookers turned a blind eye.

It was not the horrific accident that pained him but man’s inhumanity towards man. Says the 32-year-old priest, “Lying between two tracks bleeding profusely, I cried for help but it evoked no response. Track mentors gave me a couldn’t-care-less look and moved away.”

Writhing in pain, he tried to contact his community members but they were attending the Eucharist. Finally a Muslim contractor came to his help and informed nuns about his condition.

Help came 40 minutes later by then the young priest had lost precious amount of blood. But his never-die spirit saw him achieve an uphill task.

“I consider it a miracle because I was fully conscious although I was in a pool of blood. I am alive today because God has a plan for me. He wants to communicate something through this accident. He gave one more chance to live,” he told CRIB from his hospital bed in New Delhi.

“I remember my fall. I felt I was pulled out by God than being crushed under the wheels. Now I realize that any tragedy in one’s life is a lesson with a message. God’s ways are not that of humans. We cannot question God. He is our creator. Trust in his providence,” says the lucky survivor.

Now I would ever strive to be a good Samaritan always, he says adding “anywhere in a street when someone is in need have a look. He/she is your brother/sister.”

Laying new tracks and running fast trains are not the only duties of the Railways. Saving lives without any loss of time is one of them too because not all the victims may have the amazing will power Father Arpit displayed. Hope the Indian Railway authorities are listening.

Source: CRIB

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“Anyone who fails to go forward begins to go back, and love, I believe, can never be content to stay for long where it is.” —St. Teresa of Avila

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