Adverbs are Disappearing …

Grammarians untie and stitch a bit of grammatically incorrect fun!

2016-01 Adverbs




Re-Post Wildflower Sampler Pattern

Pic ~   Wildflower Sampler








Wild Flower Sampler 2011 ~ Pattern

Irony is … a free sampler

Irony is … PATTERN


Hi all!

I’m still working on my issue, but may have found a work-around for the time being.  Here is a new pattern, a fancy version of a funny, anonymous quote I love.  If it works, I’ll go back and do the same for the most popular patterns, but it’ll take some time.  Here goes ….

Remy2015-02-05  Irony is PIC


No contact from the Gurus but there’s a Widget Class tomorrow which I’m taking.

Hopefully I will understand the new Widget information.  No doubt it will cost something, somehow, to ensure that my patterns get to live peacefully within their widgets.  I should have a Non-Profit Widget, since all my patterns have been free since they began appearing on WordPress.   I’m thinking that if it costs me to place free patterns in a widget on WordPress, I’m going to have to start charging for them.  WordPress has worked magnificently for me for several years, but now it befuddles me.  Things on my blog seem to come and go at will, (as in,  all my many patterns).  And that was before these changes officially started being implemented.  Reading the WP Support Forums shows similar problems in many other quarters.  I also hear echoes of something else  …  “If you like your blog, you can keep your blog.  Period.”   But as they say, if you don’t pay your money,  you definitely take your chances.

Happy Stitching!


Took a Widget Class today with and they assured me that the widgets will continue, and that mine can be retrieved!!!   YEA!!!!!!!  They will contact me later.  They’d head nothing about the widgets disappearing.  Curiouser and curiouser!  12/15/14


Tomorrow the Support Gurus return!

Tomorrow the Support Gurus return!  When they wade through all the various questions waiting for them, they’ll need to have vacation time all over again!  I just hope that they can rescue my patterns from whatever internet time warp they’ve slipped into.    Some things have changed on WordPress regarding Themes.  There’s only one Theme left (Duster … the one I’m currently using) that lets you choose your colors without paying for an upgrade, or buying a Theme.  It may come down to me paying for an upgrade or a Theme.  I think the changeover may in some way be responsible for my patterns disappearing.  Who knows?  The Support Team needs a bit of time to sort out what’s already waiting for them, but I hope I’ll have a resolution within a week.


OMG! Where are my patterns?

I haven’t been out here for a bit and was very surprised to discover that all my carefully loaded embroidery patterns in the 3 widgets had “disappeared”!  I’ve searched, tried changing Themes, but nothing has worked.  Will have to find my way to the Support Forums and contact The Powers that Be here on WordPress to try & find a solution.  I have all my original patterns, but the thought of loading them all over again is daunting, to say the least!

I have some patterns to post when I get things straightened out.  Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer  for me!


“Irony is the opposite of wrinkly” ~ Anonymous


Freebie ~ They are your family

Pic ~ They are your family     A small freebie for your stitching pleasure, from a Jim Butcher quote.


Strawberry Bee Focused ~ freebie

PIC ~ Strawberry Bee Focused Homage to the little bees as they battle Monsanto and others to stay alive!

Happy Stitching!


Chart in Shared Files III Widget

Bee focused …

Bee focused ...





A small freebie for your personal stitching pleasure.  Enjoy and happy stitching!


PS  Pattern’s in Shared Files III Widget

Easter 2014 Sampler

I wish you all a joyful Easter! 

This sampler contains beading, 5 special stitches in its modest 49 x 99 total stitches, and a quote from one of my favorite authors. 

Happy, peaceful stitching!


Pic ~ Easter 2014 Sampler

work in progress

“Anyone who fails to go forward begins to go back, and love, I believe, can never be content to stay for long where it is.” —St. Teresa of Avila


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