About Remy


Self: Catholic, Wife, Mom, Artist, Baker/Cook, New Englander, Cat-Herder.  I love needlework: designing cross stitch samplers with specialty stitches, designing applique and quilting projects.  I read incessantly, write occasionally and collect shells and wishing stones wherever I go.

Ethnicity: American-Mixed Mutt of Irish (97%), Welsh, Western Asian, Spanish, Jewish, Middle Eastern, and several other flavors.

Favorite Colors: All colors, but esp. bluish-purple and certain shades of green.  I find colors  most beautiful when blended or contrasted.

Favorite Foods: UPDAKE!!  I went gluten and other lectin free two years ago and dropped 27 lbs in one year!  I don’t miss my old favorite foods and eat mostly clean, sugar-free whole foods like raw or lightly steamed veggies, fresh fruit and a little chicken.  I eat very few nightshades.  Try to stay organic and GMO free.

Favorite Animals: Cats.  You don’t have to walk them.   I love all breeds, but our Nigella Shadow (Niggy), has made me a Tortie fan forever.  There is something very special about Tortie cats.  Niggy is loving, loyal, nosey and hilariously funny.  I also love dogs: Boxers,  Welsh Terriers, Boston Terriers, and Chihuahua-Terrier crosses, all of which I had as a kid.  I’m basically a sucker for an animal with a soulful face.  A wee Boston Terrier could run a very close second to Nigella Shadow.  But still second.

Favorite Music: Instrumental ~ flute, piano … usually with no singing.   I absolutely love Smetana’s Moldau and the music from the movie, Waking Ned Devine.

Favorite Movies: Bella, Pride & Prejudice with Ehle and Firth.  Waking Ned DevineBrigit Jones Diary.  Moral movies with humor and happy endings are best.

Favorite Books: History, classics, mysteries, romance, needlework, neurology, writing, journaling, sewing, quilting, quote books.

Favorite Clothes: Worn blue jeans, cotton t-shirts, turtlenecks, sweatshirts, hoodies … soft and comfortable clothing

Favorite TV Shows:  Duck Dynasty, Doc Martin, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Favorite Things to Do: Applique & quilt.  Read a book during a heavy rain or snow storm.  Sew, stitch/paint/photograph  in beautiful, clear light.  Prepare favorite foods for those I love and linger at the table afterwards. Talk with my hubby late at night or in the very early morning.  Drive somewhere with our son and talk as we go, … no cell phones, no ipods, … just companionable time like when we homeschooled.  Go to church when it’s “empty”, sit in front of the Tabernacle and be still.  Go to lunch with one of my friends to talk and laugh and put the world to rights, … yet again.  Go to any library/bookstore when it’s not crowded and poke around.  Go to the theater when both the play and seats are good.  Go to, or listen to a great lecture.  Be home when the house is absolutely quiet … and do nothing.  Read other people’s blogs! Grocery shopping … strange but true, I absolutely love it.  Laugh out loud till my sides hurt.  Design samplers or quilts during snowstorms!!  Snowstorms, I love snowstorms.

  1. Bonjour Rémy,
    J’espère que vous n’êtes pas en train de nous dire que vous allez devoir disparaître tout de même ! J’aime votre blog et je souhaite qu’il demeure en l’état.

  2. Hello Remy! Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your designs. I’m a newbie cross stitcher, and I’m having a lovely time looking through your charts. Am looking forward to trying at least a couple of them when I have the time. 😀

  3. Just recently discovered this blog and love your designs.
    I did have a few problems while downloading them;

    *In Winter A Cat Is … Color — error when bringing up
    *Color Pic of Jeweled Plum ~ copyright 2010 ~ R. Lawler — Will not bring up image in the pdf
    *4 Irish Cats – Irish Stitch Band – Symbols — Comes up same as color chart for me
    *Cannot download any of the Winter Night Sky design charts

    • Hi Debra,
      Just finished checking all the designs you mentioned, and revising Winter Night Sky, since I couldn’t get it to open up either. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. From time to time there are problems with my Box.net File Sharing Widget, some of which I never figure out. When it happens I post the design again, as I’ll do in a few minutes.
      I was able to get the others to open, but as a precaution, I’m sending them all to you as attachments … which I hope you can open ; )
      Sorry for the problems!
      Happy Stitching!

  4. Hello, I stitched e bit of your Cats on a mgic Carpet and i´d like to show it to you.
    but i´m sorry, I can´t find an email to send it to.
    Could you tell me ????
    Regards Barbara

  5. Love your freebies, even when they aren’t something I’d stitch, all of them make me smile.

    I was wondering, do you publish keys to them or do you allow the stitcher to make their own choices on color and floss.

    thank you again
    (an other New Englander)

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Thank you! I’m delighted that they make you smile!

      Stitchers are always free to change the colors to suit themselves! I have never stitched a pattern myself that I haven’t tweaked! It’s like cooking or baking, … the urge to add a little of this or subtract a little of that is quite impossible to resist : ). My patterns are my way of Paying It Forward for the encouragement I’ve received from some truly wonderful stitchers over the years. Change the colors to your heart’s content, just do not then use the pattern in any commercial way.

      The patterns and their keys are all located in the Shared Files widget on the right hand side of the blog, in chronological order, the most recent being at the top of the list.

  6. Hi Janet,

    Thanks for your kind comments! We have good friends in the Atlanta area, who are also former southern New Englanders, and they love it there! I have to admit that around mid-January I have thoughts of sunny Georgia myself! Having a garden year-round would be a joy! Your fall and winter seasons are still waaay more pleasant than ours!


  7. I really believe we were separated at birth. We seem to have the same likes/dislikes. I have 2 cats, Bubbie and Kitty. Not original names. Bibbue is French and a total black cat. In my mind she came over as a companion to royality and not as a common mouser. She agrees.
    I also had a childhood filled with beef. Dad never ate anything that flew or swam.
    I cannot draw. WE have so many snails and camelions here. I am in NE Georgia. What part of the NE area are you in? I love reading your blog and intend to bookmark it. My garden is my inspiration. I love Spring/Summer hate the rest of the year. BUT, at least we are green here.
    Thanks so much for this blog, it is really a sweet inspiration.

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