How to get a Chart for a Pattern from my Blog ~ Updake!


After throwing my hands in the air over ALL my free, downloadable patterns disappearing … and taking a long sabbatical from designing, I find I REALLY miss designing and posting my patterns.  Stay tuned!




ALL my patterns stored in my now missing widgets have disappeared during the current updating of WordPress.  I have all the originals, but will have to see what the outcome of all the new WP changes will be before I decide what to do.  I love WP and am loathe to leave it, but me paying to give away my patterns strikes too close to the bone of what’s going on in Washington.  Stay tuned.

Remy  12/14/14


My charts are all in the Shared Files widget on the right (or left hand) side of the main blog page.  Its placement really depends upon which WordPress Blog Theme I’m using.  Patterns are listed in chronological order, and the most current design shown on the blog will be at the top of the list in that Shared Files widget.  To save time and paper I’ve started (March 2011) printing my charts with colored symbols in one PDF, instead of one PDF for symbols and one for color.  You can usually get a good idea of what the overall chart looks like by either, (1) double clicking on the image of it on the blog itself, and printing that out (you might have to set your printing parameters to 80% or less till the image fits on one page) OR,  (2) just go with the image from the PDF in the Shared Files widget.  For example, the chart for When you were a Tadpole has eight pages, including the floss colors used and the stitches used.  Since you can change the viewing size on a PDF, you can easily view it at whatever size is easiest for you to see.

Happy Stitching!


PS  01-19-14   When you find a pattern that you might like to stitch, pay attention to the date when it was posted on the blog.  I have so many patterns in the first Shared Files widget that I created a second one … Shared Files II.  When I had problems with adding more patterns to Shared Files II, I started Shared Files III … which has one pattern from 2013 and all the patterns loaded so far from 2014.  So check for the blog dates when the pattern appeared and it should then be easier to locate the pattern by date in one of the 3 Shared Files widgets at the right had side of the blog page.

  1. Hi there. Looking over your patterns, I’ve noticed you have something called a “petite stitch”. I’ve been cross-stitching for many years, but I’m unfamiliar with this term. Could you help an old hand out, please?

    • embroiderbee

      Hi Kate,
      Sorry for the delay in answering you. I’ve been overly (but in a good way) over the last few weeks. A Petite Stitch is a tiny cross stitch,
      done over one thread of the four usually covered by a regular cross stitch. It can be placed in any of the four “regular” corners,
      depending upon the design requirements.
      Happy Stitching!

  2. I don’t know what happened with you macbook issues but I downloaded a couple samplers just now (thank you), and I found them in Finder, double clicked and there they were. All pages included, color chart etc. I have a macbook pro.

  3. No matter which design I wanted to download, it comes to a pix in my pix folder, and if I click save, it will delete y own pix, why? I have a PC

    • Hi Tanvel,
      So sorry that you’re having trouble downloading charts. I don’t know anything about pix files or folders, but when I click on one of the patterns in the Shared Files widget on the right hand side of the blog, my computer asks me where I want to download that pattern. What I’d suggest trying is to create a new folder on your desktop, and label it something like Downloaded Freebies. Then go to where you designate your downloads are to be placed and change the download designation temporarily to that newly created desktop file. As long as you are clicking on a pattern from the Shared Files widget, and have designated where you want your downloaded files to go, I think you’ll be ok.

      But, If you’re trying to get a pattern by clicking on its picture on the blog page, you won’t get the pattern, only a picture of it, and your default picture storing program will take over. That may be what pix is doing.

      Good Luck and Happy Stitching!


  4. Hi Remy,
    Thank you for all your designs. I love them.
    It s lovely.

  5. Dear RG and Ravenshad,
    Sorry for the delay in answering. I think things are back to normal with the Box Widget as of today. If you have any problems, please let me know. I’m happy that you like my designs, and hope that the Box Widget behaves itself!

  6. Remy, I just came accross your blog for the first time today and I love your designs! I’ve tried clicking, double clicking, and clicking on the down arrow in the widget box but nothing downloads. I signed up for the website you are hosting the files at, as well as to your blog itself to receive updates of new posts.

    Could you please tell me how to download your pdf files?

  7. Hi Remy,
    Another Macbook user with problems. I’d love to download the pdf’s for your beautiful patterns but the widget only shows a little triangle in the corner when I click on a pdf. No menu, no download option 😦
    I’m sure it’s a problem with the Boxnet widget, but if you could find the time to list the links to the pdfs on a seperate page, I’m sure your many mac-using readers would be very grateful!
    Until then, I’m going to try with a print of the picture with the post.
    Thank you for sharing these lovely patterns with us all!

  8. Hi Cindy,
    Unfortunately I don’t know anything about downloading to a MacBook Pro. But I’m thinking that it’s got to be pretty much the same procedure that you’d use for downloading to a PC. So, if you’re going to the Shared Files widget at the right hand side of the blog, clicking on the design that you want, and designating where on your computer the design is to be downloaded, you’re doing the right things. If you can’t resolve the problem, let me know which design/designs you’re trying to download and I’ll email them to you. Sorry that you’re having trouble.

  9. Remy, I have downloaded your patterns before and saved them to my hard drive. I have just recently bought a new MacBook Pro and I am having a very hard time downloading a couple of your new patterns. What am I doing wrong? I can print the screen that I look at and I can print PDF files from the Needleprint site.Thank you so much for any help.
    Cindy Stahl

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