Freebie ~ Stitchy Sentence Diagram 2 ~

Pic ~ Stitchy Sentence Diagram 2

Here is SSD 2, a slightly longer sentence, for your stitching pleasure.


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2 thoughts on “Freebie ~ Stitchy Sentence Diagram 2 ~

  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    I’m delighted to see you here! I love your site, and have your books! I was saddened to discover that Gene Moutoux’s site was not online anymore. I was looking for it when I came across your site! Keep up the wonderful work you do! Diagramming is a portal ~ keep it open!

    In 5th grade I transferred from a very progressive school to a conservative Catholic school where the kids diagrammed sentences daily on the blackboard. I didn’t know a subject from a predicate when I arrived, so I was amazed when the diagrams, and English, started to make sense. I was hooked on wordsmithing.


  2. These are so cute!!!

    I run a sentence diagramming website with lessons and exercises all about sentence diagramming.

    Many teachers and homeschoolers use my website, and some of them must also be interested in cross stitching. I’ll have to share your site with my readers!
    :) Elizabeth

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