Freebie ~ Stitchy Sentence Diagram 2 ~

Pic ~ Stitchy Sentence Diagram 2

Here is SSD 2, a slightly longer sentence, for your stitching pleasure.


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2 thoughts on “Freebie ~ Stitchy Sentence Diagram 2 ~

  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    I’m delighted to see you here! I love your site, and have your books! I was saddened to discover that Gene Moutoux’s site was not online anymore. I was looking for it when I came across your site! Keep up the wonderful work you do! Diagramming is a portal ~ keep it open!

    In 5th grade I transferred from a very progressive school to a conservative Catholic school where the kids diagrammed sentences daily on the blackboard. I didn’t know a subject from a predicate when I arrived, so I was amazed when the diagrams, and English, started to make sense. I was hooked on wordsmithing.


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