Quaker Heart Sampler ~ Embroiderbee Freebie

  Substitute your own initials and significant date into this romantic Quaker Heart Sampler, and create an heirloom.  This design is for your personal stitching pleasure only, and not for any commercial use. 

Happy Stitching!


Corresponding Sullivan’s Floss Colors

45166, 45352, 45353, 45205, 45204, 45203

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7 thoughts on “Quaker Heart Sampler ~ Embroiderbee Freebie

  1. [...] A heart is at the center of this design which also incorporates many small motifs that could be used as standalone designs. Another beautiful freebie design from Embroiderbee. Get the free chart. [...]

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  3. This sampler is absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much!

  4. Gorgeous…Thanks and Happy New Year..:)

  5. Como siempre los sampler que compartes son muy lindos. Buen inicio de semana.

  6. Un grand merci pour tous ces magnifiques modèles. Difficile de choisir. Très bonne nouvelle année. héliotrope

  7. Kimberly Martinez

    I really really really like this one

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