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Freebie to Make for a Child Learning the Alphabet

Alphabet Bubbles ~ 2012

Stitch something quick and fun to challenge a little one learning the alphabet.  It’s a kind of a  Where’s Waldo for letters.  Bubbles pop against a blue sky background and hide the alphabet, but they don’t make it too difficult to find all 26 letters … plus a few punctuation marks.  The design is free for your personal use only, and under my copyright. 

  Happy Stitching!



’twas the night before Christmas … or a few days before

Do not allow sadness ...

   And the patterns were coming … there’ll be even more!


Pattern for “Do Not Allow Sadness …” is located in the Shared Files Box widget at the left.

Frederick Douglass Quote ~ in Alt Colors 2012

2/19/12   Yup, you’re spot on Torque, and thank you for mentioning it.  This is what comes from surfing the internet for quotes that one likes and assuming that a given attribution is correct.   It’s easy enough to  copy the last “s” and add another as there’s sufficient space to the right, but I’ll  redo the chart (and the original chart) and post corrections as soon as I can.   Until then, Stitchers please take note!    ~~ The 2012 edition is now corrected.  I’ll get to the 2011 edition tomorrow.


2/13/12 Sometimes I like to go back to a design and change things a bit.  Here is a 2011 design in new colors and new threads.  His message bears repeating.

Happy Stitching!    Happy Black History Month!


Embroiderbee’s Irish Coffee 2012 ~ Freebie

I adore the smell and taste of coffee!  This pattern celebrates Irish Coffee and St. Patrick’s Day with its green and brown colors and subtle four-leaf clovers.   There are several special stitches, and it measures 6  1/4″  X  15  1/2″ on 16 ct fabric.   Irish Coffee is under my copyright and released for your personal, non-commercial use only.


     Thank you to all the lovely stitchers who write to me and comment on my patterns.  I love the thought that together we can create heirlooms!  I try to respond to comments  personally, but time and life sometimes interfere.  Just know that I truly appreciate your feedback … it keeps me excited about designing! 

  Happy Stitching!


Cats! Cats! Cats!

Niggy ~ warm laptop


Niggy ~ Regal



Niggy ~ Netflix






Marble ~ at attention



Marble ~ treehouse



Marble ~ eyes





Peanut ~ my couch!



Peanut ~ eye contact


Peanut ~ relaxing

Embroiderbee Freebie ~ Apple Seed Counting Sampler

   A rhyme from childhood put into sampler form.  This free sampler is under my copyright and for your personal, non-commercial stitching pleasure only.   We used to count the seeds of almost every apple we ate as kids! 

Happy Stitching!


PS  Apple Seed is 6  1/8 ”  X  15  1/8 ”  on 16 ct material

Freebie ~ Dora’s Sampler

   First of February Freebie for a beginning stitcher, or any stitcher who would like a tiny sampler to stitch.  Dora’s Sampler measures only  2  5/8″  X  6  5/8″  on 14 ct material.  Great for using lovely left-over silks and flosses!  Best of luck to Dora as she starts cross stitching!

Happy Stitching!


Pastel Heart Sampler for January


I hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day with this teeny tiny Pastel Heart Sampler!  It will stitch up easily, and is released under my copyright for your personal stitching pleasure only.  Since the amounts of floss needed are small, you might use some of your prettiest leftover threads to make a quick present for someone special. 

Happy Stitching!








    Some  more thoughts on color: Sullivan”s Cyclamen Pink 45402 and White.    

Peanut and her Binkie

     Peanut’s favorite binkie is her own tail!  It’s always handy, comfortably worn, and perfect to snuggle with before sleeping.  And Peanut sleeps a lot … seemingly all the time.   But if the refrigerator door opens, or someone makes an interesting, food-related noise, she’s instantly there.   She’s the  only cat not bothered by the camera.   The others will turn away from the lens, Peanut just stares it down.  We also call her  Bumpy because she’s always ramming her little round head into one’s legs to show her affection.



Right before Sleep

Quaker Heart Sampler ~ Embroiderbee Freebie

  Substitute your own initials and significant date into this romantic Quaker Heart Sampler, and create an heirloom.  This design is for your personal stitching pleasure only, and not for any commercial use. 

Happy Stitching!


Corresponding Sullivan’s Floss Colors

45166, 45352, 45353, 45205, 45204, 45203

work in progress

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