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Catholic Black History & Spiritual Link

It’s important to share the Good News!  We need to pray for each other, our larger communities and our government.  Follow this link to learn a little Catholic history and the story of a wonderful man.



Morning Glories Sampler ~ Freebie

Another great Dr. Mary Bethune quote for a small sampler with some special stitches.  The pattern is free for your personal stitching pleasure.

Happy Stitching!


PIC ~ Morning Glories Sampler

Words that bear repeating …

“Education once seemed to some men the gateway to Heaven-on-Earth for everyone.  Now we have tried it, and we know that schooling alone will not save our society.  Never has there been so much education, and never before so little arrival at the truth …

We have stuffed our children’s minds with facts, and neglected to teach them how to live.  Any system of education which fails to discipline the will, also fails to train the character … it does not make responsible citizens … Education can never make a man better unless it teaches him the true purpose of man, and the difficulties he must overcome to realize that purpose.

Much education today is based on the Socratic error that ignorance of good is the cause of evil, and that all we need do to overcome evil is to give men information.  If this were so, every educated man should be a good man; but we know this is not true …

When the Divine Awareness transforms the personality, a new service of charity to fellow man is born.  One sees then that men are distinguished from one another not by their education, wealth, charm, beauty, or cleverness, but rather by their responsiveness to the Divine Action in the soul.

To the eyes of faith only two classes of people exist: those who say ‘Yes’ to God, and those who say ‘No’ to Him.”

Exerpted from:  Lift Up Your Heart  by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Freebie to Make for a Child Learning the Alphabet

Alphabet Bubbles ~ 2012

Stitch something quick and fun to challenge a little one learning the alphabet.  It’s a kind of a  Where’s Waldo for letters.  Bubbles pop against a blue sky background and hide the alphabet, but they don’t make it too difficult to find all 26 letters … plus a few punctuation marks.  The design is free for your personal use only, and under my copyright. 

  Happy Stitching!


Late, but heartfelt link in honor of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

This is a late posting I know, but it’s posted in the spirit, not the letter of.   If I could, I would exist outside of all time.  I’m still not completely ready for last Christmas, which is not unusual, but the anticipation of Christmas is always with me.  The words of MLK Jr. and other wisdom-bearers are always with me also, bringing hope into our sorry, sorry world.


The Bookshelf

This is what’s beside the bed, next to the couch, on the kitchen counter, and in my bookbag.

The Bookshelf

Simple Shapes ~ Spectacular Quilts by Kaffee Fassett

Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things by Randy O. Frost & Gail Stekette

Writing and the Writer ~ 2nd edition by Frank Smith

Walk in the Light and Twenty-Three Tales by Leo Tolstoy

Love is a Choice   by Dr. Robert Hemfelt, Dr. Frank Minirth, and Dr. Paul Meier

Transformation in Christ by Dietrich von Hildebrand

Capitol Hill Cooks by Linda Bauer

The River Cottage Bread Handbook by Daniel Stevens

Great Quote

Politics is just another form of tribalism.

~ P. Lawler

The Finder’s Keepers ~ Updake!

I love books, and when I come across a very special book, I like to share it.  The Help by Kathryn Stockett is such a book.  I haven’t even finished it yet, but I love it, and know it’s a classic.  ISBN: 978-0-399-15534-5

Finished reading last night, 04-28, and absolutely loved the book … a wonderful read.

The Story of Us!

Forget baking cookies!  I’ve spent the night watching Pawn Stars, which is a history lesson via valuable objects, and The Story of Us, which tonight covers the Revolutionary War, and is now up to 1776.  Wow!  They should show this in our public schools!

The Finder’s Keepers II : A Great Book ~ Intellectuals & Society by Thomas Sowell

Whether you’re an intellectual,  or just one of the rest of us, this is a great read.  Thomas Sowell writes like a dream.  I could read him just for his sentence structures, not to mention that he explains things as easily as a hot knife goes through butter.   And he cites my all time favorite quote on the second page of his book …  “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting, get understanding.” ~ Proverbs 4:7 American KJV

I love, love, love reading Thomas Sowell.  He and Charles Krauthammer keep me sane!


work in progress

“Anyone who fails to go forward begins to go back, and love, I believe, can never be content to stay for long where it is.” —St. Teresa of Avila


Quilting and Applique


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